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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome and Happy New Year

The last month or two of 2006 was determined to be as busy as the summer was slow. But we are very thankful for all the training and consulting that came through the door. My family and I went into Manhattan to see the Christmas Tree and ate dinner at our favorite restaurant Nicola Paeone's (photo of the lobby) which is located at 207 East 34th Street Between 3rd & Lexington. We always look forward to eating dinner here and like usual this Italian restaurant did not disappoint us. I always get a veal dish because Nicola Paeone's makes the best veal in NYC. We also usually go to see FAO Schwartz, a remenant from the days when we did the asbestos consulting for the building. As usual NYC is very beautiful for the holidays between the Christmas Tree at Rockerfeller Center, the Windows on Fifth Avenue, and red and green lights on the Empire State Building, it is one of the best times to go and see the City. Hope your Holidays were peaceful and merry and may your New Year be a great one!

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