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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Future Environment Designs wins the 8th Annual Pro/Am PACNY Fishing Tournament

On the morning of July 7, 2021, Future Environment Designs participated in the 8th Annual Professional Abatement Contractors of New York (PACNY) Fishing Pro-Am Tournament.  The tournament was based out of the Lake Breeze Marina, Kent, New York, and on Lake Ontario.  It was an iffy day with a thunderstorm passing through just before the tournament started and the lake was a bit rough with 2-4 foot waves.  There were 17 boats in this year's tournament (a nice turnout considering the recent easing of Covid restrictions).  They were:

The lake was a little rough which made for some interesting fishing.

  1. AAC Contracting - Free Spirit 
  2. Cornerstone Training Institute (CTI) - Sunrise II 
  3. CTI - Legacy
  4. CTI - Trolling Tails
  5. Lozier - Screaming Reels 
  6. US Ecology - Reflection
  7. US Ecology - Shotgun
  8. Metro - Rusty Lure
  9. Dival - Reel Excitement
  10. Abscope - Troutman
  11. Sienna - Get Hooked
  12. ECG - Richmond 4
  13. Future Environment Designs - Catchin Hell
  14. Sessler - Intimidator
  15. Aramsco - Mister
  16. First On-Site Restoration - 3 Dogs
  17. HSE - Bite Me 
Future Environment Design's fishing team consisted of Ms. Sheryl Esposito, Mr. Matthew Desch, Ms. Veronica Hansen Garcia, and Mr. Angelo Garcia, III.  This was the first year that Future Environment Design's team was more than two people.  We were thrilled to have Sheryl and Matt with us this year.  Most of you have met Sheryl and Matt at the annual PACNY Conference at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY.  Sheryl is usually womaning our booth at the Conference.  Unlike other Tournament years, because of the rough lake, we went straight out and did not do a shotgun start.  Because of the rough water, Captain Tom Murray of the Catch 'N' Hell boat decided to go far out and work our way back.  Which was a good decision considering how it turned out.  It definitely was our day considering our first catch was the one that won big fish for the day!

The winner weighing in at 25.66 lbs.

We had the good fortune to catch enough Salmon & Trout to last us the entire year and fill our freezer (including sharing with Sheryl and Matt)!  By the time we had to decide whether to go in or keep fishing, we had caught sufficient fish to decide to call it an early day at 11 AM (based on the weather that was a good decision).  Our second and third salmon catches brought us the Trophy and the prize money for the Tournament:

Future Environment Designs and the Catch 'N' Hell Team

We are so proud to finally have our name added to the Trophy and that it only took 8 years to win the trophy.  This was the second time, we've caught the big fish the first time was the Second Annual Tournament.  The buffet (back again now that Covid restrictions have eased) at the Black North Inn was delicious roast beef with weck bread and horseradish.  A great big THANK YOU to Darren Yehl of CTI for organizing this Tournament!  Between our daughter's wedding, training beginning to return to normal, and this fishing tournament the summer has been a blessing but is going too quickly.  This year is the 6-year anniversary of Article 32 NYS's Mold Law and most everyone's license will be expiring between September and January 2022.  Look forward to seeing all of you soon and regaling you with my fishing adventures!

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Happy 4th of July!

Future Environment Designs, Inc. would like to wish all our clients and friends a very Happy 4th of July!  We hope your celebration is a joyful one, a safe one, and one that remembers the importance of leaving this country better off for our children and our children's children!  We would like to remember the words Theodore Roosevelt said regarding the USA:

Blessed Be America!

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