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Monday, August 29, 2022

International Sales Director of FermionX will be Joining Our September 19 Project Sample Technician/Project Monitor Refresher Course

Future Environment Designs Training Center (FEDTC) in our August 2022 Safety Suzy Newsletter proudly announced that the International Sales Director of FermionX, Dan Crothers will be attending our Monday, September 19, 2022, Project Sample Technician/Project Monitor Refresher course.  FermionX, Ltd. is a UK electronics manufacturer of industrial product brands including the Airbox Sampling Pumps.  Dan Crothers has filled sales, marketing, and senior leadership roles in the company, Dan brings extensive product sales and electronic manufacturing experience with in-depth knowledge of the company’s supply chain and quality processes.  Originally from New Zealand, Dan spent 15 years in UK and Singapore developing global sales and distribution channel management for FermionX product brands in North America, Asia Pacific Region, and the Middle East.  

Dan Crothers

Airbox’s award-winning Variflow air sampling pumps for asbestos air monitoring combine robust sampling performance with unique features for hassle-free setup and decontamination (back-to-back carrying, in-built telescopic mast, IP-65 rated casing {an IP65 Rating means the product has the highest level of dust protection and is able to withstand low-pressure water jets from all directions}, and battery operated). The user-friendly control features support site-specific calibration protocols to safeguard sampling compliance.  Coming soon to the USA, the Airbox Variflow will be a powerful new tool in asbestos and mold air sampling.

Airbox Sampling Pump

Mr. Dan Crothers will be demonstrating the features of the AirBox pumps at our Monday, September 19, 2022, Asbestos Project Sample Technician/Project Monitor Refresher Course.  These pumps are battery-operated and can run between 5 and 17 liters per minute.  So they can be used for both ambient and clearance sampling.  The built-in mast means no carrying extra stands for sampling.  The pump is showerproof so decontamination is not an issue.  Two units fit together for easy carrying with one hand.  The hose stores easily on the side of the unit again for ease of transport.  Easy to use control panel with highly visible OLED display.  We think these pumps will be outstanding and are looking forward to seeing them in operation.  To register for the NYS Asbestos Project Sampling Technician Refresher course click here or to register for the NYS Asbestos Project Monitor Refresher course click here!

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