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Monday, May 14, 2007

Parkway Village, Queens, NY is hit with $117,000 OSHA fine.

Parkway Village Equities Corp., a residential complex, located at 81-26 150th Street, Queens, NYwas cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for nine violations of health and safety standards following an inspection begun November 1, 2006 in response to a complaint.

OSHA found that Parkway employees entered into crawlspaces known to contain asbestos or presumed ACM. OSHA found that Parkway did not perform personal air monitoring to determine the employee's exposure leve when entering the crawl space. Parkway also did not inform the workers of the presence, location, and quantities of asbestos; did not institute a training program; and did not label the materials as asbestos containing materials. Fo the above violations, OSHA issued Parkway four willful citations carrying a proposed fine of $112,000.

In addition, OSHA also found five serious violations and fined Parkway an additional $5,000 for failing to provide appropriate hand, eye, and face protection; respirator safety deficiencies; a lack of quick-drenching eyewashes; the absence of a hazard communication program; and failing to properly label and dispose of asbestos-contaminated material.

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