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Monday, June 11, 2007

Metro NY AIHA hosts Chris Alonge at their May 16 Meeting

May 16, 2007, Chris Alonge spoke at the Metro NY AIHA meeting held at New York Blood Center. Mr. Alonge is the writer of the current NYS Industrial Code Rule 56. Mr. Alonge had alot of new things to say in his presentation:

  • Industrial Code Rule 56 was edited and resubmitted for review. The current version is now available at and is dated March 21, 2007. The changes that were made are marked in red so you can see what was changed.

  • Two new variances are being released. You can find these two new variances at

  • NYSDOL has produced an Asbestos Variance Fact Sheet to help designers understand the different types of variances. This fact sheet can be found at the same link as above.

  • However the Guidance Document (FAQ) that is online has not been updated yet. Unfortunately this document will not be updated as much as they originally intended.

  • In addition, Mr. Alonge made a statement regarding non-friable asbestos waste disposal which caused a little bit of stir. Mr. Alonge indicated that NYS DEC was not in compliance with EPA requirements for non-friable asbestos waste disposal. That non-friable asbestos cannot go to construction waste landfills but must go to landfills approved to accept asbestos waste. Unfortunately, it was not clear exactly how to interpet his comments.

  • Mr. Germano is no longer in charge of the Asbestos Control Bureau. The new sheriff in town is Robert Perez. If his name sounds familar, it should, because Mr. Perez was the first head of the Asbestos Control Bureau when the regulations first came out back in 1988.

We thank Mr. Alonge for making himself available for these presentations. It will be interesting to see how all these changes play out with a new State administration (Governor) but also a new Asbestos Control Bureau administration.

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