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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Happy New Year!!!! Here's to Hoping Your Holidays Were Merry and The New Year Will Be Fabtastic!

Happy New Year!  Future Environment Designs, Inc. wishes that all of you had a Merry Holidays and will have a Happy New Year!  This year was a little of a roller coaster ride for us starting with some ups at the beginning of the year, some downs at the middle of the year, and then back to some ups at the end!  We like that we ended on a high note and it looks to continue into the new year.  With us entering our 36th year in business we continue to adjust our offerings to meet your training requirements.

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Starting in September 2024, individuals who have Site Safety Training (SST) cards that will expire in September of 2025 must take a refresher course to renew the SST cards (which expire after five years),  That refresher course consists of a 4-hour fall prevention course and 4-hour supported scaffold user course that we are bundling together and will be part of our regular schedule.  To read more about these training requirements for New York City construction workers read our blog post "Final Phase of New York City Training Requirements for Construction Workers Arrives on March 1, 2021".  We have teamed with All New York City Training to offer the SST refresher course and the SST initial course at our facility in Syosset or their facility in Ridgewood.  We are also working with them to start offering the Environmental Protection Agency's Lead Renovator, Remodeler, and Painting (RRP) Course at both facilities, too. 

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We continue to offer training throughout Long Island (we have a mold worker and remediation/supervisor initial course coming up in East Hampton), Plattsburgh, Rochester (we are planning a mold worker/remediation/supervisor/assessor in the future), Queens, and Manhattan.  In other words, we will provide training and our other services at your convenience anywhere your workers are located.  We look forward to meeting your training requirements!  May your new year be happy and we look forward to seeing you in 2024!

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