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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Long Island Enters Phase 4 and Future Environment Designs is Back in Business!

The Long Island region entered Phase 4 on July 8, 2020.  That same day Future Environment Designs was given permission to start offering in-person asbestos and mold refresher courses, again.  Though there are several restrictions with this reopening one of the more important restrictions is the requirement of social distancing in the class and the need to wear face coverings when that is not possible.  We are attempting to hold virtual classes and in-person classes every month.  Allowing you to have the option of whether you prefer to attend an in-person course versus a virtual course.  To see what our clients have been saying about our recent training courses visit our review page at at  
FEDTC Face Covering

For our in-person training courses, we are providing hand sanitizer and face coverings for all students attending the course.  We are requesting all students before attending any in-person course to take their temperature and go to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Covid-19 website  At the CDC website, click on the self-check symptoms button and complete the Coronavirus Self Checker and follow the instructions after completing the self checker.  If the self checker says "Sounds like you are feeling ok.", "No Covid-19 testing needed at this time.", and your temperature is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit you can attend training.  Once you arrive we will also be taking your temperature to ensure before you attend the training that you are below 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit.

As we've written previously, we are using Go-To-Meeting as our platform for our virtual meetings.  We've had a few technical difficulties but otherwise considering we've only been using the platform for only three months it has worked pretty smoothly.  We are using several other tools to make the class interesting and fun.  We are using to create discussions in the class regarding certain topics, every attendee is encouraged to access the Administrate portal before class so they can access the course manual and review for the exam, which at the end of class is also located in the portal.  In addition, we use for course evaluations.  As we continue with the new normal we will do everything we can to protect your safety in our classes and provide you with the information you have come to expect from coming to Future Environment Designs!  See you soon!  

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