Monday, July 21, 2014

PACNY's Second Annual ProAm Fishing Derby, is Bigger & Better!

On Wednesday, July 16th Future Environment Designs (FED) participated in the ProfessionalAbatement Contractors of New York's (PACNY's) second annual ProAm Fishing Derby.  The fishing derby was held on Lake Ontario with the boats leaving from Point Breeze, New York at Oak Orchard Creek. This year there were 20 boats participating in the Fishing Derby versus 13 boats, last year.  Very nice increase for a new event.  PACNY's Darren Yehl had his hands full organizing this event which was the equivalent of herding cats. The day started out beautiful with a nice blue sky with some clouds.

Sunrise on Lake Ontario
Future Environment Designs (Angelo and Veronica Garcia) had the pleasure of teaming with Watts Architecture & Engineering (Greg Andrews and Scott Matthews) on Captain Mike's boat the Intimidator. As the day went on, clouds started rolling in and the day got cooler.  Every so often when the sun would break through it would be nice and warm.  However, the lake was rough and we were glad that we took our Dramamine before going out on the boat.
Angelo and Veronica Garcia, Capt Mike, Greg Andrews, & Scott Matthews, from left to right
Last year's Fishing Derby we caught quite a few salmon and hardly anything else.  This year our team caught quite few different fish, including Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Atlantic Salmon.  Last year, we caught a 22.02 lb salmon (placing fifth) and our team's total weight was 64.59 lbs  (placing second).  This year we caught a 22.32 lb salmon (placing first) and our team's total was 69.75 lbs (placing second).

The Fishing Derby's Tally Board
As usual we had a great time with our fellow boaters and the food at the Black North Inn, after the fishing derby, was delicious.  It's funny how we're always asked is it worth being a member of PACNY?  Especially since we are located on Long Island and the organization does not do much in the New York City/downstate area.  Our reply is usually always the same, a resounding Yes!  What other organization focuses on New York issues in asbestos abatement and environmental remediation; provides opportunities to network with suppliers, contractors, consultants, and clients; and the annual Environmental Conference only gets better every year providing access to the regulators and information on upcoming trends.  In our view all of this is well worth the membership fee and like most things it is only as good as what you put into it.

What's for Dinner?

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