Friday, October 22, 2010

Bedbugs and Lice Make Comeback.

Bedbug (shown on writing paper)Image via WikipediaIt's interesting  how certain news stories can just freak you out a bit.  For some its blood, for others it could be molds.  Well for me its particular very small bugs.  Like bedbugs and lice just really gets me itching.  So when a story like the one in Newsday discussed the current bedbug and louse issue, it was all I could do to prevent myself from scratching like crazy.  Recent news stories have bedbugs present at the Waldorf Astoria (where else would you stay if you visited New York City), at  Lincoln Center (I guess they like ballet) and the Central Islip Library (they also like to read..or maybe they are really bookworms?).  This shows that bedbugs have evolved, additional proof of this is that these bedbugs are
resistant to DDT and malathion, products used in the past to kill them.  The article makes interesting reading and other articles have discussed how to avoid bedbugs while traveling or specifically discussed about bedbugs not being a public health emergency.  The primary reason being that bedbugs are not known to spread disease.  They just want to feed on us (ok, just writing that creeped me out...itch, itch, scratch, scratch).  
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