Thursday, September 15, 2011

Problems With 9/11 Health Bill

Their has been alot of discussion regarding the 9/11 health bill (known as the Zadroga Bill) that was supposed to provide medical care for first responders exposed to the various hazards at the World Trade Center site.  However, the bill did not cover cancer treatments.  The commission running the fund, has had hearings on this issue and have stated they will look at cancer treatments once the science indicates a link between the 9/11 exposure and cancer.  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, as they usually do, makes us see the ridiculousness of this position.  We hope with a recent study by Lancet, "Early assessment of cancer outcomes in New York City firefighters after 9/11 attacks: an observational cohort study", indicating a modest excess of cancer cases among NYC firefighters exposed at 9/11, that the commission will consider covering cancer medical care.  This is the least the federal government could do for the first responders, considering the misleading information given to these individuals during their time at the site.
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