Tuesday, November 01, 2011

CDC Website Discusses Earthquakes

The Centers for Disease Control has updated their Emergency Preparedness and Response website with information on surviving an Earthquake.  Considering we had a small one on the east coast this year, that we even felt on Long Island, it is important to be prepared and knowledgeable about what to do.  The website discusses the things you can do before, during, and after the earthquake.  The key point of the website is that in MOST situations, you will reduce your chance of injury from falling objects (and even building collapse) if you immediately: 

The website discusses emergency supplies, and inspecting the home for hazards.  One of the more interesting suggestions is the following from "Inspecting Home for Hazards:"  - Check to see if your house or garage is securely fastened to the foundation. (If your house was built before 1950, it probably does not have bolts securing the wood structure to the concrete foundation.)  If your house is not secured to the foundation, take the following steps:
  • Using a hammer drill and carbide bit, drill a hole through the sill plate into the foundation. Holes should be approximately 6 feet apart.
  • Drop a 1/2- x 7-inch expansion bolt into each hole and finish by tightening the nut and washer
We suggest you visit the website, so you can be prepared, just in case we get a more severe earthquake, next time.
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