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Friday, September 23, 2022

Future Environment Designs Creates Asbestos Air Sampling Charts That Can Be Used In the Field or the Office.

Over the past two months, Future Environment Designs Training Center has been working on creating these asbestos air sampling charts that have reference information regarding the asbestos air sampling requirements.  At this time there are three charts one listing Federal asbestos air sampling requirements (see below), another listing New York State asbestos air sampling requirements, and the third listing New York City asbestos air sampling requirements. 

Federal Asbes Air Sampling Chart

The charts are referenced to the regulations and methodologies so you can quickly cite the section of the regulation that requires the asbestos air sampling and what is required.  The charts include the flow rates allowed, the volume of air to be collected, the number of samples collected, the type of cassette to use, how to position the cassette, and other important information on sample collection.  These charts are invaluable tools to easily and quickly access information regarding asbestos air sampling.  We are selling the charts for $15 per chart.  Two charts for $28 and all three charts for $40.  To purchase the charts click here.

New York State Asbestos Air Sampling Chart

In addition, if you are interested in purchasing the charts and having your logo and your business address placed on the title of the charts, we can arrange for that and possibly other information such as examples of the sample numbers you use, etc.  We are packaging these orders at $7,000 for all three charts, $5,000 for two charts, and $3,000 for one chart.  That includes logo placement, includes 150 charts, and additional purchases (100 minimum) at $10 per chart.  Contact us at 1-800-969-3888 to make arrangements.   

New York City Asbestos Air Sampling Chart

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