Thursday, June 09, 2011

NYCDEP Creates a New Closeout Process for A-TRU (Asbestos) Permitted Projects

New York City Department of Environmental Prot...Image via WikipediaNew York City Department of Environmental Protection just sent out information regarding a new closeout process that has been developed in ARTS for A-TRU (Asbestos) Permitted Projects to allow the registered design professional to handle the A-TR1.  
1.  The registered design professional needs to create an account by going to and registering.
2.  Once the registered design professional registers at the web site, they will give the email they used to register to the ACP7 applicant.
3. When closing out permitted locations the ACP7, the applicant will select the abatement locations and enter the email address the registered design professional used to register at the web site.
4. The applicant hits submit and the A-TR1 goes to the registered design professional who will complete and submit the A-TRI form to DEP for approval.
Instructions for both the applicant and registered design professional can be found at our website at
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