Monday, July 18, 2011

Did You Know?

Under the New York State Department of Labor's (NYS DOL) Industrial Code Rule 56, if you have an Asbestos Certificate (any one of them project monitor, inspector, etc.) and want to work for yourself (self-employed or working on an IRS 1099 form), you also need to get an Asbestos Company License.  In New York State if you employ a person with an Asbestos Certificate they can work under your license.  However, if they are independent, subcontractor, or 1099 worker they must have their own Asbestos Company License (either non-abatement or abatement, dependent upon what certificate the individual has).  The fine for not having a company license is $2,500.  The cost of a company license is $500 for the initial license and $300 for the renewal (which is annual).
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