Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kings Park Psychiatric Center Bid Awarded to Low Bidder

On Saturday, March 10, 2010, Mr. Carl MacGowan of Newsday wrote an article regarding the demolition jobs that will be created by National Salvage & Service Corp. the winner of the Kings Park Psychiatric Center bid.  As we discussed in a previous blog post, we are concerned about whether this contractor understands New York State laws regarding labor, asbestos, transportation, and insurance.

This equipment could be used to tear down buildings.
The article states that National Salvage is expected to employ about 65 people to demolish 15 buildings and is unsure how many of those jobs would be going to local people (even if those jobs go to out-of-state people they would have to be paid prevailing wage as per New York State laws).  In addition, National Salvage anticipates using local subcontractors for work such as security, surveying, and removing asbestos and hazardous materials.  They will also be subcontracting 20% of the work to businesses owned by minorities and women. 

Even with all of this we still say, the devil will be in the details.  We have discussed this project in several classes, and the concensus in our classes is it will be interesting to see if the project remains at $6.4 million or will the change orders and extras bring the project closer to the $15 million budget or exceed it? 
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