Wednesday, September 01, 2010

NYS Mold Task Force Report Open For Comments

Stachybotrys chartrum (toxic mold) growing inside the wall.
New York State Mold (fungi) Task Force was created by Section 1384 of the New York State (NYS) Public Health Law (enacted in Chapter 356 of the laws of 2005; amended by Chapter 198 of the laws of 2006).  The Task Force was charged with preparing a report to the Governor and the Legislature on mold (fungus)/toxic mold.  The report would assess and measure, "based on scientific evidence, the adverse environmental and health effects of mold exposure, including specific effects on population subgroups at greater risk of adverse effects; assessing the latest scientific data on mold exposure limits; identifying actions taken by state and local government and other entities; determining methods to control and mitigate mold."  The New York State Departments of Health and State have completed a draft report (click on the title link) and are accepting comments from the public  until October 12, 2010.   Comments can be submitted by email to:

Comments can be submitted in writing to:

Michelle Lavigne
Bureau of Toxic Substances Assessment
Flanigan Square Room 330
547 River Street
Troy, NY 12280

Questions: (518) 402-7820 or 1-800-458-1158

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