Monday, April 04, 2011

Board Member of Queens Cooperative Has An Asbestos Question

Habitat Magazine does twice a month podcast where they invite a New York co-op or condo board director to ask a legal question, and they host a panel of attorneys who address it.  In this podcast, Karen Ward, a board director of a 67-unit co-op in Queens, is facing an asbestos problem.  The board president of her co-op had hired a contractor to remove asbestos in their meeting room and a tenant' apartment.  The contractor was not licensed to do this type of work, and the proper disposal protocols were not followed.  According to Ms. Ward, the building is now facing fines and penalties.  Find the podcast at:
The podcast was interesting to listen to on how the panel of attorneys address this issue.  First, the panel did not include a specialist (environmental attorney) in this type of problem.  These attorneys said they would bring on an environmental attorney, which should have been done as part of the podcast.  However, the individuals on the panel acknowledge their limited knowledge of the regulations impacting this issue and made excellant recommendations on how this individual should handle this problem.  Including potentially removing the President, calling the insurance company, and possibly even calling the regulatory agencies.  Highly recommend this podcast for Co-op and Condo Board members considering asbestos removal. 
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keep up the good work , Asbestos is a nasty material that really causes havoc on people. Sadly this disease effects a lot of our older veterans and craftsman.