Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inexpensively Handling IAQ Problems in Schools

An excellant article "Little Things Can Fix a Big Problem on National Healthy Schools Day" written by Claire Barnett, Founder and Executive Director, Healthy Schools Network, Inc., for the Huffpost Heath.  Describes what teachers, parents, and facility directors can do, inexpensively, to help improve indoor air quality and help students stay in school.  I would add that teachers, staff, and students should avoid using perfumes and colognes in school or any strong smelling deodorants.  In addition, teachers and staff should not bring home cleaning supplies to clean their rooms, request from the facility director or the custodians cleaning supplies that are used by the school.  Many times I have inspected facilities where the facility has gone to green supplies, only to inspect a classroom to find cleaning supplies not used by the facility (ie, windex, pledge, etc.).  It doesn't help being green, if teachers/staff are using non-green cleaning products that they brought from home. 
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