Monday, February 07, 2011

Steven Mancuso Is Barred From Practicing Law By Federal Authorities.

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Asbestos fibres - a single fibre is believed to cause mesothelioma

As we have discussed in our asbestos refresher classes, and previously in our blog, the Mancuso family is in the news again.  This time it is Lawyer Steven Mancuso of Utica, New York being disbarred from practicing law upon his conviction for conspiring with his brother, Paul Mancuso, to cover-up illegal asbestos removal operations.  Steven, Paul and their father, Lester Mancuso, were sentenced to three years in federal prison last June. 
An attorney since 2002, Steven Mancuso was found guilty in a federal trial for wrongfully aiding his brother in the creation of fraudulent partnerships and submission of false legal documents in an effort to conceal the illegality of Paul Mancuso’s asbestos business.  Steven Mancuso denied the charges, yet U.S. District Court Judge Frederick Scullin ruled that he had used his legal skills in the furtherance of his brother’s criminal conspiracy.  “When an attorney used his law license to commit crimes and to aid another in the commission of crimes, the appropriate sanction is disbarment,” stated the December 30th ruling.  Reports said that Mancuso is currently in the process of appealing to the court, saying that the prosecutors failed to properly handle a variety of legal issues. 
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